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Before creating a dreamland, you have to live in it. Same law is applicable in "photography." Before my camera, I sense to capture the images. In India, Varad means blessings, and I'm truly blessed from above to capture moments. This is how Varad Photography says and is passionate about. After pursuing all essential knowledge and degrees, Varad is all set with his beautiful guns, which has now covered more than 100 happy weddings across India, publicity stills in every regional films, industrial documentaries and did with his directorial in various short films since 2014. Varad Photography tries to deliver what other can't. His planning, concepts and team work bring smiles to all, when the photo recipe is ready. Being a Chef in Photography, Varad Photography is conditioned to freeze the wedding moments of Maharashtrian, Rajasthani, Christian, North Indian and South Indian culture. Having a strong portfolio of travel diaries, Varad Photography has a great understanding of environment and it's impacts, because it's all about "colours." Rather degree education in photography, the receipt of smiles from the client it utmost valuable. So, Varad Photography and his team works tirelessly to capture special moments and then his amazing composition and brilliant mixing adds cherry on the top. With years of experience and field work has made him the number one choice in the profession. Being a Film maker, Varad Photography knows the start, climax and the happy end. All you have to do is, be ready for the "action." His successful experiments and working with the international standards is all which makes him empower to bring out his best. The collection of his equipment set-up includes high end gadgets and accessories. Varad Photography and his team is all set to capture the series of happy smiles.

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